Red Belts stay hungry and never stop at “good enough”

Develop an attitude where you act like a challenger, even if you’re the champ!
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Dave “Mr. Accountability” Anderson’s Red Belt 4M
is your forum for developing the red belt mindset and mentality that fends off complacency, and creates a life and career that’s not just merely successful, but truly significant.
In many forms of martial arts, the last rank before the legendary black belt is the red belt. Red belts are often the most tenacious and relentless fighters because they haven’t yet reached the top. They’ve got to prove themselves every day and must stay teachable, coachable, and humble. Black belts on the other hand can often feel like they’ve arrived, and: stop working on themselves, stop thinking big, and abandon the basics.
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Training Topics

  • Developing more killer instinct and mental toughness
  • Overcoming adversity
  • Delivering consistent energy, effort, and
  • Being a game-changing teammate
  • Dealing with doubters and haters
  • Guarding your associations
  • And More!
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Meet “Mr. Accountability”

Dave Anderson is a leading international speaker and author on personal and corporate performance improvement. The author of fourteen books, and host of the wildly popular podcast, “The Game Changer Life,” Dave’s no-nonsense messages impact listeners and readers in nearly seventy countries.

Dave speaks 100+ times per year to a wide array of businesses, non-profits, and works as a mental toughness consultant for college sports teams and individual professional athletes. His immediately applicable messages, energized and dynamic presentation style, and unmatched content positively focuses, equips, and inspires individuals teams to do better.

His direct, often-humorous, and somewhat politically incorrect approach has earned him the nickname, “Mr. Accountability.” Dave’s “in-the-trenches” background of starting and running world class businesses, coupled with his relatable non-academic approach creates unmatched connection that resonates with his audiences and moves them to action.

Dave is also co-founder of the Matthew 25:35 Foundation, which helps feed, clothe and house under-resourced people worldwide. In his personal time Dave enjoys the martial arts and holds a second degree black belt in karate. He has been married three decades to Rhonda, and has recently become a grandpa for the first time.


What is Red Belt 4M?2019-09-11T22:17:50+00:00

Red Belt 4M is an interactive training platform for athletes, coaches, their staffs, and anyone wanting to develop their mindset, that allows our subscribers to stream coaching videos from Dave Anderson across any internet-connected device. Red Belt 4M is your forum for unlimited viewing of mindset and performance improvement coaching videos and content. With a variety of topics there’s always something new to discover and refresh your mindset on.

How long do I get access?2019-08-06T20:27:58+00:00

Membership is an annual subscription that begins on the date you sign up. For as long as you’re a subscriber you’ll have access to all of the training inside the forum.

Do I need to watch the videos in a specific order?2019-08-14T01:39:24+00:00

With the Red Belt 4M you can train at your own pace on the content that’s most relevant for you in the moment – so if today you want to focus on work ethic but tomorrow you want to get your mindset right so you can deal with that hater on social media, you’re all set!

Is there in-person training?2019-08-14T01:40:45+00:00

To give you the convenience and ability to develop your mindset anywhere, anytime, 24/7, the Red Belt 4M is a purely digital training experience. If you’re interested in attending one of Dave’s live training events, view our schedule of events at www.LearnToLead.com/Events

Is this a workout program?2019-08-14T01:41:55+00:00

Yes and no: while this is not a physical workout program, it’s a workout program for your mindset. You work hard to prepare yourself physically and bring peak performance to your game – we work hard to help you prepare your mindset so you stay in the zone.

I’m not an athlete, will this help me at all?2019-08-14T01:42:29+00:00

Absolutely! Mindset has a huge impact on how far a person gets in pursuit of their goals – even more so than skills, knowledge, or talent. Regardless of where you may be in your personal and professional career, the Red Belt 4M is for anyone looking to develop the mindset necessary to become an unstoppable game changer.

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